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The EWS University


April 24 - 08:00 am


March 11 - 04:00 am


Enterprise Coworking RiNo

3000 Lawrence St.

Denver, CO, 80205

The University program challenges “traditional” leadership development models and is intended for senior-level professionals that are committed to “leveling up” as leaders and human beings. It is an experience designed exclusively for female leaders that are committed to self-discovery and advanced leadership learning.

The Executive Women’s Summit University (EWSU) was designed exclusively for cross-functional female leaders with full and complex lives. All participants directly manage teams, with titles ranging from Director through early C-suite. The innovative and proprietary EWSU model was created by highly respected and credible I/O Psychologists, human capital innovators and business leaders. The program content has been thoughtfully constructed to address challenges, insights and opportunities that are not typically offered in traditional leadership development platforms. Often times, EWSU graduates feel more confident and driven to take on more senior-level, influential and visible roles within their personal and professional lives. They are equipped to become more authentic, purpose-driven and well-rounded leaders.


The 2020 EWSU program launches in April and includes six sessions over six consecutive months. The experience involves classroom learning and individual mentoring. The curriculum inspires participants to become more self-aware and impactful “enterprise thinkers” that add significant value to their organizations and teams.

  • Broaden their business leadership expertise
  • Increase their emotional intelligence and mental agility
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their leadership vision and purpose
  • Learn business concepts and techniques that enable them to add more value to their organizations and team
  • Create deep, authentic, senior-level relationships with their peers
  • Put knowledge into action to better their lives personally and professionally
  • Obtain the confidence and practice the skills to build and nurture a powerful “sphere of influence”
  • Implement and share learnings to develop others
  • Create and execute a vision and plan for sustainable success

“The EWSU leadership development program was a discovery journey which completely re-energized me. It came at a good time in my career and allowed me to think about where I am and what I really want in my personal and professional life. It gave me confidence and boldness that I have weaved into my personal and professional life, preparing me to take risks that paid off in a big way.”

VP, Global Procurement

EWSU participants are highly ambitious, senior-level women who want to make a bigger impact and create an authentic brand professionally, socially, and philanthropically. We adhere to strict participation guidelines in order to honor our attendees. Attendee requirements include:

  • Senior-level, female business professionals that hold influential and critical leadership roles
  • Currently work within for-profit or non-profit organizations exceeding $10mm and/or 50 employees
  • Successful track record leading teams, with an intense commitment to developing others
  • Possess a desire to push themselves beyond their comfort zone in order to be their best selves
  • A willingness to be open-minded and vulnerable
  • Continuous learners that want to be purposeful contributors within their personal and professional lives

EWSU leaders speak with each registered attendee prior to their first session in order to obtain critical information that will be used to customize each experience and select an executive mentor whom will work closely with them throughout the program. Established and well-regarded leaders will provide keynotes at each session, in order to share their story and highlight their expertise within various leadership-related topics. Participants will also take online assessments to deepen their self-knowledge and create clarity around their strengths, development opportunities, purpose and leadership vision.


The 2020 EWSU program is hosted at Enterprise Coworking RiNo:
3000 Lawrence St. Denver, CO 80205

“The facilitators and keynotes at the EWSU sessions were very valuable. I’m not typically in a position to be around such accomplished and vulnerable female leaders and it was inspirational to hear their stories.”


Participants will also complete pre-work assignments prior to their first session. Pre-work includes registration, various personality and leadership assessments, suggested reading, and the creation of a “lifeline” (journey-line) that will be shared with the group in the first session. They will also define personal objectives to allow EWSU leaders to customize each participant’s experience through the program. Due to space restrictions, participation is limited to the first twelve qualified registrants for the program.

The EWS University will change the way participants think about leadership throughout their professional, philanthropic and personal lives.

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020 – Kick-Off/Full Day – 8am-4pm
FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2020 – Session 2/Half Day – 8am-12:30pm
FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2020 – Session 3/Half Day – 8am-12:30pm
FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2020 – Session 4/Half Day – 8am-12:30pm
FRIDAY, AUGUST 21,2020 – Session 5/Half Day – 8am-12:30pm
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 – Session 6/Half Day – 8am-12:30pm

An optional “make-up” session will take place between 1:00pm – 4:00pm following our last session on Sept 25 (for participants that missed a session throughout the course of the program).

EWS University
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